Install your Environment


You probably already have NodeJS installed, if you do, make sure you’re running a recent version. Version 4.x or higher should be fine.

If you don’t have have node installed, please read on:


Mac OS X

We strongly recommend that you use Homebrew to install NodeJS on your Mac. It’s “The missing package manager for OS X”, literally.

If you already had a previous installation of Homebrew on your machine and/or recently installed OSX El Capitan, we recommend you update and upgrade your installation.

Install NodeJS and NPM with the following:


It’s important you get the latest NodeJS for your distribution. There’s considerable lag between official distro packages and latest NodeJS builds. We recommend you source your NodeJS packages from the nice guys at NodeSource.

If you’re on Ubuntu:

If you’re on Debian:

For other distros, please check out the following NodeJS page.

Installing the Adaptive CLI

The Adaptive CLI is a Command Line Interface for interacting with the Adaptive Services on the cloud.

Adaptive CLI

Install Adaptive CLI globally and you’ll have access to the adaptive command anywhere on your system (as seen above).

Note: If you’re on Mac OSX and didn’t install NodeJS using Homebrew, you may need to install the above package using sudo. If you’re on Linux, depending on your distro, this may also be the case. You should install the above package with sudo npm install -g adaptive-cloud-cli .