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Project Type Tech Description
adaptive-arp-android Platform Runtime Java

Adaptive Runtime Platform for Android operating systems.

adaptive-arp-api-lib-darwin Platform Library Swift

Adaptive Implementation Library for Darwin operating systems.

adaptive-arp-api-lib-dotnet Platform Library CSharp

Adaptive Implementation Library for Windows & Mono-compatible operating systems.

adaptive-arp-api-lib-java Platform Library Java

Adaptive Implementation Library for Java capable operating systems.

adaptive-arp-api Platform Specs Java

Adaptive Runtime Platform API Specifications.

adaptive-arp-darwin Platform Runtime Swift

Adaptive Runtime Platform for Darwin (iOS & OS X) operating systems.

adaptive-arp-javafx Platform Library Java

Adaptive Runtime Platform for JavaFX applications.

adaptive-arp-javascript Library JavaScript

Adaptive Runtime Library for JavaScript Web applications.

adaptive-arp-typescript Library TypeScript

Adaptive Runtime Library for TypeScript to JavaScript Web applications.

adaptive-arp-windows Platform Runtime CSharp

Adaptive Runtime Platform for Windows operating systems.

adaptive-cloud-cli DevTools NodeJS

Adaptive Cloud CLI (Command Line Interface) to the Adaptive Cloud Services.

bower-adaptiveme DevTools JavaScript

Adaptive App dependencies and tasks.

generator-adaptiveme DevTools NodeJS

Adaptive App Generator.

npm-adaptiveme-nibble DevTools NodeJS

Adaptive App Emulation and Test Environment.