Contributing Ideas, Suggestions and Requirements

If you have any ideas, suggestions or requirements that affect the whole of Adaptive, please open an issue here. We welcome any contributions to make Adaptive as good as humanly possible:

Contributing Code

We’d love to accept your patches and code contributions the project.

  1. Fork the repository on GitHub you’d like to contribute to.
  2. Make your additions and changes.
  3. Send us a pull request on GitHub.

Committers to the master project have the right to accept pull requests from contributors. Contributions that do not adhere to the positive karma and spirit of the project may be rejected - obviously. To avoid legalese, and to summarise, if you send us any pull request it means you can and want to do so under the open source license of the project in question.

Contributing Tutorials, Art, Videos, Samples, etc.

We smaller than 3 you!

Contributing Licenses

If you’d like to contribute:-

to the project and appear in our “OMG We Love You, Thanks” page showing our enormous gratitude, please send us a mail!

If you prefer to remain anonymous that’s fine too. We also like Kopparberg Cider!