Community Help

Please note that we all do this in the spirit of Open Source. All discussions are public, so that everyone can participate and help each other. Misbehaving on any of our channels - disrespect, flaming, insults, spamming - will not be tolerated. Not only will we ban you permanently but we'll also send Chuck Norris your way to kick your server-side. Keep it friendly - karma.

If you have a question on how to use Adaptive

Go to Stack Overflow with the "adaptive" tag and raise your question. We'll monitor this!

If you have a bug or a feature request

Then, file a ticket on the project's issue tracker. You can find a list here and we'll be happy to resolve your issue as soon as we can!

If you want to chat with contributors and other users

Use any of these communication channels. Note that this is a public, and that we expect you to respect other people and write in correct-ish English!

If there is some urgent news you need to share

Mention @adaptiveme or use #adaptiveme on Twitter.

If you want to see what the core team is doing

Stalk us here!