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Adaptive is a multiplatform, multiscreen app development and build environment that provides the right tools crafted for and by developers, designers and testers like you. We strive to build a better way to create Native and HTML5 hybrid apps for mobile, web and everywhere. Adaptive is comprised of a series of PaaS (Platform-As-A-Service) development tools and build services (Build-As-A-Service) for our own opensource native runtime as well as supporting other popular runtimes (PhoneGap, Cordova, etc.) to encapsulate hybrid apps on a diversity of platforms. We’re opensource to facilitate co-creation, contribution and build as diverse a community as possible around this project!

Do we really need YAAP (Yet Another App Platform)? Yes, we do.

And, yes, we need to make some money at some stage to feed our developers and pet hamsters - yours truly included - all donations of funds and materials for the development and support of these opensource projects are very welcome. But first, we’ll keep on hacking to make the best possible platform for all developers out there.

For more information please visit adaptive.me.

Codingly yours,